Children's Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

Central Ave Dental is the place for children’s dental care in Kansas City. You can trust Dr. Draper and Dr. Joshi to provide your child with the highest level of children’s dentistry. We use the latest technology and adhere to pediatric dentistry best practices. We’ll ensure your child’s teeth are healthy and strong, so they can have a smile that never quits!

What is Children’s Dentistry, and What Services Do We Offer?

Children’s dentistry is a branch of dentistry that deals with children’s oral health from infancy through adolescence. As children’s dentists, Dr. Draper and Dr. Joshi are specially trained to care for the unique dental needs of children, and they offer a wide range of preventive and restorative services.

Every child is different, so we offer various services to meet your child’s needs. From preventive care to restorative dentistry in Kansas City, Kansas, we can handle it all. Preventive services include regular cleanings and exams, fluoride treatments, and sealants. These services help to keep children’s teeth healthy and free from cavities. Restorative services treat dental problems such as cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease. Children’s dentists also offer advice on oral hygiene habits, diet, and fluoride use. By providing these essential services, Dr. Draper and Dr. Joshi help children maintain healthy smiles for a lifetime.

At What Age Should Your Child First Visit the Dentist in Kansas City?

We generally recommend that children have their first dental visit within six months of getting their first tooth or by their first birthday. This early visit is essential because it allows our team to assess your child’s oral health and development and identify potential problems. It also allows us to answer any questions about caring for your child’s teeth and provide you with tips on caring for your child’s teeth and gums. 

This visit gives your child a chance to get comfortable with Dr. Draper and Dr. Joshi, and our Kansas City dental office, which can help reduce any fear or anxiety they may feel in the future. Ultimately, scheduling an early dental visit can help ensure your child grows up with healthy teeth and gums.

What to Expect at Your Child’s First Dental Visit

During your child’s first appointment, Dr. Draper and Dr. Joshi will count your child’s teeth and assess their bite. He will also check for any signs of decay or other problems. The Central Ave Dental team will be present to help the appointment run smoothly for your child. We may also clean your child’s teeth and apply fluoride. 

We usually recommend scheduling another appointment in six months to a year if everything looks healthy. However, we may recommend more frequent visits if there are any concerns. Either way, rest assured that your child is in good hands – Dr. Draper and Dr. Joshi will ensure that everything is just right before sending you on your way.

Common Dental Problems in Children and How They Can Be Treated

Dental problems are common for children, ranging from simple cavities to more complex issues such as incorrectly aligned teeth. Cavities are perhaps the most well-known dental problem, and they occur when bacteria in the mouth break down carbohydrates into acids that eat away at the tooth enamel. You can prevent cavities through proper dental hygiene, which includes brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing daily. If a cavity does develop, we can treat it with a filling. 

More serious dental problems may require more involved treatment, such as braces or surgery. However, if caught early enough, many dental problems can be successfully treated so that children can enjoy healthy teeth and gums into adulthood.

Children’s Dentistry in Kansas City, Kansas

Our office is designed specifically for kids, teens, and adults, so everyone in your family will feel comfortable and safe coming for their dental appointments. Schedule a dental appointment at Central Ave Dental in Kansas City.

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