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Experiencing dental pain or watching a family member experience it can be traumatic, especially when you’re unsure what to do. At Central Ave Dental in Kansas City, Kansas, we take all emergency dentist visits very seriously and do everything we can to help our patients immediately.

Your health is important to us, and we categorize any painful dental problem as a dental emergency. Please don’t wait for the pain to worsen when you feel it.
Contact us as soon as possible.

Emergency Dentistry Types and Treatments

Knocked Out Tooth

Please call us immediately if you or your child have knocked out a tooth. Treatment should occur within one hour of the injury if possible. Rinse the tooth with water and keep the tooth in a cup of milk until professional treatment. 

If the root and tooth are attached, there is a chance for replacement. We can splint a loose tooth to adjacent, undamaged teeth to secure and hold it in place during the healing and restoration process. If Dr. Draper or Dr. Joshi is not able to save the tooth, we can replace it using various dental solutions, including:

  • Implants – A dental implant is a titanium rod with an artificial tooth attached. The rod serves as the prosthetic tooth’s solid base or new root when it replaces a lost tooth.
  • Bridges – A bridge is a prosthetic tooth set that fills the gap left by a lost tooth. A bridge looks, feels, and performs much like your natural teeth.
  • Removable prosthesis – Sometimes referred to as dentures, they have the advantage of being simple and easy to manage. They’re prosthetic teeth that can quickly and easily be placed into your mouth. 

Broken, Chipped, or Cracked Teeth

A break, chip, or crack in a tooth increases its cavity and infection risk. We can take different measures to fix the tooth, including:

  • Crowns – A crown is a prosthetic tooth cemented over a natural tooth. It shelters a tooth that is cracked, broken, or decayed.
  • Dental Bond – The dental bonding procedure typically involves a tooth-colored composite resin which we can use to polish, sculpt and shape your damaged teeth.

Please see us as soon as possible for any of these tooth-restoration options.


Constant toothache can result from many causes, including tooth decay. Please allow the dental professionals at Central Ave Dental to diagnose the toothache causes. Contact us to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. 


Some Common Emergency Treatment Solutions

  • Fillings – Fillings will bond and seal well with your natural tooth, formed to fit seamlessly into the space left behind by tooth decay. 
  • Root Canal – Root canal therapy addresses the infected, damaged internal tooth material. It cleans and strengthens this inner part of the tooth.
  • Bleeding Gums or Abscess – Slight bleeding of the gums can be normal during flossing. If gums start swelling and frequently bleeding in a specific area, please make an appointment to get it fixed. It could be a sign of infection. Rinse your mouth with a moderate saltwater solution to reduce pain and promote healing until you receive professional treatment. As recommended by your doctor, take an anti-inflammatory pain reliever. 


The Best Emergency Dentistry Service in Kansas City, Kansas

We train each staff member at Central Ave Dental to be highly trained in emergency dental procedures. We can get you out of pain quickly and fix the problem. We like to think of our customers as more than just patients. We’ll treat you as a member of our dental family.


Don’t Wait to Get the Emergency Dental Treatment You Need

In an emergency dental situation, don’t wait to call. We’ll do everything possible to provide professional treatment as quickly as possible.

When in doubt, err on the side of caution. Calling 911 or going to the hospital or urgent care is usually the best first step in getting emergency treatment if your injury is too severe. 

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